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Do you have a computer junk yard growing in your Company? Are outdated photocopy machines and electronic equipment cluttering your valuable work areas?

Discover why SWAT Junk should manage the removal of your outdated computer equipment. From privacy issues to environmental regulations, when a computer leaves your company it can become a serious risk for your business and the Environment.

SWAT Junk can mitigate your risk, shield you from liability and protect the Environment with our unique process.

The SWAT Junk Process

  • We collect and remove your equipment. That is, we accept your equipment and it’s no longer your responsibility.
  • We remove all hard drives from every machine and destroy them by Certified shredding—not “wiping” or de-magnetizing.
  • We prepare your materials for recycling by dismantling and segregating plastics, metals, and electronics. We send these materials to State Certified recyclers for processing.
  • Your Company receives a Certificate of Destruction and Proper Disposal, for your records to evidence services performed.
“We have coordinated a large scale commercial removals for numerous national companies. From warehouse and factory cleanouts to multi-floor office cleanouts we have the experience to coordinate every situation.”
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